CONTRAL Chain Drive Delivery System

Quick, Easy, and Efficient

All CONTRAL Trailers Come Standard With New Features

These special features make the CONTRAL trailer quick – easy and efficient and most of all safe for use by the driver for the transport and delivery of containers.

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JPL Storage in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada

The versatile CONTRAL Chain Drive Delivery Trailers also work well with single location operators like JPL Storage in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada. JPL uses the CDU 32 to deliver a 20-foot Continue Reading

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Why the CONTRAL Chain Drive Delivery System?

Very quick – easy and efficient and safe every time – time saving device for sure.

The CONTRAL Chain Drive first originated in 1995 when it became readily apparent that a Steel cable couldn’t push anything including a container off a tilted delivery trailer’s deck….it was a tug of war to see if the driver would win or the container would win … was very difficult and dangerous trying to back up the trailer quickly and slam on the brakes to give the empty container the momentum needed to fly off the back edge of the trailer and hopefully land within 6′ of where it was intended to go.

So out of delivery defeat came delivery success – THE CHAIN DRIVE – Two steel sprockets – a large sprocket at the front of the trailer and a smaller sprocket at the rear called a return sprocket with 1/2″ thick x 3″ chain links in an endless loop around the sprockets provides the push power and pulling power to unload and load both empty or loaded containers (ERU 53).

Once the engine is turned on and Pusher Bar is locked onto the chain in front of the container then the lever to engage the hydraulic winch is pressed causing the winch to move the chain links towards the rear of the trailer and the pusher bar engages with the front of the container and quickly and easily slides the container down the side 6″ wide guide rail skid plate making for an exact delivery location on job site each and every time.

Reversing the process to load a container a Corner casting chain is attached to the main chain and connects into the two front corner castings of the container at which time the chain drive is reversed making the chain pull forward towards the front of the trailer and quickly and easily moving the container into place on the trailer for quick and easy securement with the Locking pins.

Very quick – easy and efficient and safe every time – time saving device for sure.


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