Heavy Duty Side Guide Rails

Heavy Duty Side Guide Rails – 4″ tall x 1/2″ thick x 6″ skid plate ( 8′ on the ERU models ) with Heavy Duty lock pins. The 1/2″ thick x 6″ wide steel skid plate allows the container metal against metal to reduce resistance and easily slide in place with the winch pulling it on or pushing it off.

The Guide rails allow the container to be pulled straight on the deck for pickup and there are removable Stop Blocks positioned in the deck front and rear to stop the container ( 20′ or 40′ ) exactly where the holes are on the Guide rail so that the Lock pins will slide right into the container Corner casting holes to quickly and easily secure the container.

The Locking Guide rails eliminate the need for the driver to have to throw nylon securement straps over the containers and ratchet them in place to secure the container (s) – two straps per 20′ and 4 straps per 40′ container.

Time saved – 30 minutes on every pickup and delivery – again quick – easy and efficient – time saving device and safety, keeping the driver from rotator cuff injuries speaks for itself.