Contral Container Delivery Trailer

The Original Chain Drive Founded 1995 – President Allen Engel

CONTRAL Container Delivery Trailer

CONTRAL Chain Drive Delivery System
Since 1995

CONTRAL offers the most diverse line of trailer products for the portable storage industry.

Both large and small portable storage operators can use CONTRAL chain drive trailers to haul containers ranging from 20 feet up to 53 feet. The CONTRAL product line includes:

  • CDU 32 – a 20 foot trailer used mainly with a pickup truck to haul one 20 foot container or multiple small containers sizes.
  • CDU 49 – handles two 20 foot containers or one 40 foot high cube.
  • CDU 53 ST – Contral’s newest product is a 53 foot straight tilt bed trailer that handles 53 foot and 48 foot domestic containers with no overhang. This is the only trailer on the market that can handle 53 foot domestic containers that will soon become prominent in portable storage.

CONTRAL Chain drive delivery system is quick, easy and efficient!

In 1993 when Allen Engel owned Mobile Storage solutions, a portable storage company in Savannah, GA, he searched for an alternative to the traditional cable system to drop off containers at customer sites. Nobody offered a trailer that could position the container on the ground exactly where the customer wanted it. So, Engel and a friend devised their own trailer system to drop the boxes. They developed a chain drive delivery system that employs a winch to push the box off the trailer at a 10-degree incline. To put it back on, the trailers pulls itself under the container and raises the deck level while pulling the box the rest of the way onto the trailer. “We realized how quick, easy, and efficient it was to deliver the container precisely where the customer wanted it with the chain drive. You cut your delivery time by a third,” Engel attests. Engel eventually sold Mobile Storage Solutions, but retained the chain drive system for his new company, CONTRAL Container Trailer Source, which he started in 1995. CONTRAL Container Delivery Trailer makes container delivery quick, easy, and efficient.

CONTRAL products are sold with a five year structural warranty.

CONTRAL products are sold with a five year structural warranty. Some competing trailers are made with lightweight steel with thin beams and side rails. The thinner beams tent to become weakened and crack by the constant flexing, requiring regular welding to repair them to serviceable condition. CONTRAL often customizes its products to fit the customer’s exact needs. “When we build a trailer, we install the right size winch, axles, and suspension to handle that weight,” Engel says. “We build our trailers to spec and customize them to suit the customer’s business needs.”

CONTRAL models feature a 13,000 pound Tulsa hydraulic winch, hydraulic sliding axles, and locking side rail system.

CONTRAL builds chain drive delivery trailers for some of the largest suppliers of portable storage containers in North America, including:

  • Williams Scotsman, which is a leading supplier of mobile offices and storage containers. Williams Scottsman over the 10 years has replaced more than 60 trailers in its fleet with CONTRAL chain drive delivery trailers.
  • Mobile Mini, Inc., the world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions with more than 230,000 portable storage and office units and 129 international locations.
  • ModSpace, which is among the largest global suppliers of permanent modular construction and temporary modular space with 80 sales and service offices throughout North America.

CONTRAL’s willingness to customize its products helped ModSpace save thousands of dollars in vehicle costs.

CONTRAL’s willingness to customize its products helped ModSpace save thousands of dollars in vehicle costs. ModSpace uses 19, 53 foot long CONTRAL chain drive delivery trailers to haul either 20 foot or 40 foot C-containers. ModSpace also uses the CONTRAL trailer for a new product called the HQ, which is a small onsite office with the same footprint as a 20 foot C-Container.

“Allen was willing to modify his trailer to that it would work with our existing tractor fleet,

which made it nice because we didn’t have to buy all new trucks. It helped get us into the business and keep costs at a minimum.” – Tom Payne, Asset and Logistics Manager for ModSpace.

Payne explains that ModSpace’s toter tractors have a different configuration from traditional fifth wheel tractors that haul containers.

“Each toter tractor is in the neighborhood of $100,000 and we didn’t have to buy an fifth wheel type tractors for our fleet because he was able to modify the CONTRAL chain drive delivery trailer to fit our existing fleet of toter tractors. “One thing he liked about the CONTRAL product was the locking pin that anchors the corner of the containers.” That huge pin locks into the corners of the container and you don’t have to worry about it coming off,” Payne says. “The pins can be used on the 20’s or 40’s. We chose to go to those pins for safety reasons.”

Payne also appreciates the support ModSpace receives from CONTRAL.

“When we bought the first trailer, the factory manager and Allen came up to our site, showed our guys how to use it, and walked them through it step-by-step,” Payne says. “Since he took his time with us, we all know how to use that CONTRAL chain drive delivery trailers now.”

The versatile CONTRAL chain drive delivery trailers also work well with single location operators lik JPL Storage in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada.

JPL uses the CDU 32 to deliver a 20 foot container to customers as well as the CDU 53 that hauls two 20’s and up to a 48 foot container. JPL operates in frigid conditions in Northern Ontario, where temperatures can fall to 40 degrees below zero. “We often travel to container yards 300 miles away in Toronto to pick up containers with the big trailers,” says JPL owner Peter LaRoque. “We bring back two 20 foot containers at a time which cuts our cost of freight in half. It’s the same amount to bring one home as it is to bring two home. “

The versatile CONTRAL chain drive delivery “Our biggest asset is our customer service,” asserts Engel.

Trailers also work well with single location operators lik JPL Storage in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada.
“We follow up on every problem and resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Portable storage operators get a quick 15 minute turnaround

and a system that delivers the container to a precise point on the ground without cables. With CONTRAL’s structurally superior product, operators save money on maintenance and repairs. Operators can count on CONTRAL Container Trailers to do the heavy lifting needed to deliver reliable customer service and profitable results. We also ship parts overnight for next day delivery.

LaRoque appreciates CONTRAL's chain drive trailer’s efficiency

Since the trailer can deliver a container in less than 15 minutes without involving a forklift. “The trailers give us the flexibility to handle all kinds of containers – 20’s, 40’s, and up to 48’s. If we didn’t have CONTRAL chain drive trailers, we would not be able to do the amount of business we do most days. We are heading into our fourth year with no major problems and even when we had a problem it was handled promptly,” LaRoque says.

CONTRAL Container Trailer Source Founded 1995
President Allen Engel